Code Navy: The UK List

If you’re feeling CODE NAVY then here are some organisations that could help:

The Samaritans can be reached by their website or 24/7 on the phone – dial 116 123.
I’ve called them a few times over the years and their support has been vital in my darkest moments – and once they answer I felt less nervous and scared of calling in the first place.

If you don’t feel like talking – you can text on: 07725 909090

The Big White Wall is a 100% confidential website that has 24/7 access to online ‘guardians’ and counsellors for those in need – as well as subscriptions to online one-to-one counselling sessions with trained professionals.

It also has an incredible forum filled with lovely people who all are helping each other and listening. There are exercises to try, useful information sheets and articles to read as well as tests you can take as well to monitor your progress.

Some local NHS trusts have made the service available free of charge to residents in their boroughs, so check using the postcode form to see if you’re eligible.

CALMZONE provides free confidential support and advice from 5pm to midnight EVERY night on their hotline: 0808 802 58 58. They also have a live web chat if you don’t feel like talking. It’s mainly aimed at men which I think is bloody brilliant, but even as a lady I find their website a massive help and they have an awesome magazine called CALMZINE which is worth a read however you’re feeling. Remember: Being Silent Isn’t Being Strong

The NHS has a brilliant mental health section on their website for those in need. Seeking help through the NHS can be a lengthy, tricky battle thanks to budget cuts but don’t give up. Some useful tips can be found on this Code Navy post.


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